Very Inspiring Blogger Award

(There aren’t actually any questions here, so I am not doing this for Inquisitive Wednesdays.)

This award is the Very Inspiring Blogger Award (I’m flattered). It was given by Sam at Bookish Serenity. Thanks, Sam!


Now, the rules for this one are a little odd. Give seven facts about yourself. And then nominate 15 people!

Do I even know 15 bloggers?

Yes? Do they all accept awards?

No? But are there enough?

Yes? Without re-nominating everyone Sam nominated?

Oh, never mind. We’ll figure it out when we get to the nomination part.


The facts:

  1. I am dreadfully nearsighted and I wear glasses to compensate for it. They’re nice glasses, though. I like them.
  2. The notebook bindings in the header of my blog are bindings from three of my notebooks.
  3. I have a small tote filled with old notebooks. The contents of most of those notebooks will never see publication. (Sorry, but not sorry.)
  4. I am sick of spaghetti. At this point, I would be perfectly content if I never had to eat spaghetti again.That being said, there are other foods that would be worse to my taste. I’d take spaghetti over Velveeta macaroni and cheese any day.
  5. I like puns. (There have been no puns in this post– you can stop looking for them.)
  6. I can get very morbid rather spontaneously (This fact was just about to be how I have never seen the death of a blog and how those make me sad. But then I remembered that I have seen a blog die. It’s still sad, though.).
  7. I like writing parodies. Parodies to Les-Mis songs are my favorite.


Now, time to nominate…

You know what? I’m not going to nominate anyone. Many of you are very inspiring, but I have already nominated you for other awards.

Except for Seana…Why haven’t I nominated Seana J. Vixen, yet?… She’s very inspiring.

Alright! That settles it. I nominate Seana and the rest of you can fight it out in the comments for the other 14 spots. (I recommend either pillows or food for this fight. Not both.)






65 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Oooh, pillows! *grabs a pillow* I’m not fighting for the nomination! I’m just fighting because there are PILLOWS!!! You have made me very happy indeed! ^_^
    I agree, Velveeta mac and cheese is disgusting. Mac and cheese gets disgusting when one has it too often in any case. 😛 I wear glasses, too! (I’m not allowed to drive without them, but even if that weren’t the case I’d still wear them. I don’t want to endanger anybody.) And Iris compares me to Baron Arald because of my love of puns that no one else ever seems to “get.” 😛
    My unintentional black humor can get out of hand from time to time, too. 😛

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