Character Interview– Eric

Kendra has been blogging for 5 years and has been published for 3! *flings confetti* Go and check out her blog!

Today, I’m interviewing another of Kendra’s characters! I’m interviewing Prince Eric from Sew, it’s a Quest and Do You Take This Quest. I’ve read both books and they are lovely. They can both be found on Goodreads.

Welcome, Eric! Tell me a little about yourself.

I am a prince of Winthrop, second son to King William and Queen Camilla. I’m one of the best swordsmen among my peers, and I’m married to Robin, who is the best.

Do you have a fairy godmother? 

No, I do not. My wife does, but I just have an omen. Which is different. Because a fairy godmother and fairy godmother gift denote some sort of loyalty. I just had a vague prophecy that I would marry an enchanted princess and that I would win her in a swordfight. Which is, actually, what happened.

How long have you been able to use a sword?

I received my first wooden practice sword when I was a year old and I would chase my older brother, Lukas, around with it (I don’t know if he’s forgiven me for that or not …) I received my first real sword when I was five. And yes, I was young. But I advanced quickly and was soon one of the best for my age-group.

Were you in many duels before the one where Robin knocked your sword into the ceiling?

Plenty. As I’ve mentioned, I was one of the best, and my father enjoyed showing off my skill. However, I usually wasn’t paired with someone two years younger than I was, and their sister usually didn’t take over after he lost.

What are your interests besides swordplay?

I enjoy chess, questing, research, and dancing (My great-grandmother was a Tune … it runs in the family). Robin doesn’t like dancing, though, so I may have to give that one up.

What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Try to rescue the ghost princess. I have nightmare about that to this day.

Is it odd to be in the company of people who are technically a century older than you?

Not really, once you get past their speech …. and the fact that they knew my great grandparents. Honestly, I overheard Kimberley and Adelaide discussing my grandfather as a baby the other day, it was a bit weird. But other than that … I’m getting used to it.

What are your thoughts about The Author?

I think he exists. I know there are a lot of royals who doubt, and I’m sad that Robin is one of them, but I’ve done a lot of research into the old documents looking for my enchanted princess. I’ve studied the way this world works … or used to work … or is starting to work like again … or something like that. If there isn’t an Author in the picture, I don’t know why the world doesn’t just grind to a halt.

Thank you for coming, Eric!

Everyone else, go read Kendra’s books! There are no more interviews from me, but you can go to Kendra’s blog and find interviews for some of her other characters and synopsises for more of her books!


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