I have lots of cool things planned for this month, dear readers.

1. The 19th!


(Okay, I didn’t plan that, but it works out nicely.)


(gif) Haha!!! Oh my gosh, this is totally me! // GREATEST... GIF... EVER!!!!!!!!

I will be posting a lot about dragons this month.

3. The launch of Inquisitive Wednesdays!

#thispleasesme #Loki

I will be answering questions on these days, most likely from tags or awards.

4. And… there’s going to be a giveaway!

More details on that to come, but keep your eyes open.

And there may be a few surprises, too.

"...I'm a high functioning sociopath. With your number." GIF

Because I like surprises and so do most other people. If you are not one of those people, you have my utmost sympathy.





19 thoughts on “Announcing…

  1. Oh my gosh it’s the creepy Sherlock smile gif – that thing gives me shivers whenever I see it. :/

    But awesome! I’m looking forward to all the stuff you have planned for August! (And happy early birthday!)

  2. BIRTHDAYS! DRAGONS! WEDNESDAYS! GIVEAWAYS! SURPRISES! A giveaway held on the same Wednesday as the surprise birthday party of a dragon…

    I eagerly await the events prophesied in is post. 😀

  3. Okay, I admit: surprises scare me. In real life. Blogging surprise are usually awesome, but if anyone in my family says, “We have a surprise” I back away slowly and then run screaming to my room. Safety first. But anyway. YAY FOR AWESOME THINGS COMING. And birthdays! Yay for birthdays! Dragons are also freakishly cool, particularly Toothless. I need one as a pet.

    • You have my utmost sympathy.

      YES! Do you have dragons in Australia? Or is it like the US where you go into a pet shop, ask for a dragon, and the guy at the counter looks at you like you’re nuts?

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