Character Interview– William

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Today, I’m interviewing William from Kendra’s book HaV Academy.

Synopsis for HaV Academy:  HaV Academy is a school for Superheros and their villains, and they decide which you are. Some people can handle being told how they will live their lives better than others.


Welcome, William. Tell me a little about yourself.

Umm, I’m in my early twenties, just under six foot, brown hair, brown eyes. My mother isn’t all there, and my dad died before I was born. I work at the library. Uh, that’s about it.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I like hiking, reading … I collect rocks. Or rather, Roxanne collects rocks and stores them in my possession. But I enjoy studying about the strange ones she brings in. Once she brought me a diamond – said she found it in Dr. Frost’s lair (she was one of his favorite victims for some reason). I also like drawing comics. Roxanne hates them, even though they’re about her.

Do you ever wish you were a hero or villain?

I’ve had passing thoughts, but I honestly think Roxanne would make a better hero than I would. She’s got such a good sense of right and wrong …

How did you and Roxanne become friends?

We always have been. As I mentioned, my mom isn’t all the way there, so her mom practically raised me. Actually, the better question is why I’m not close friends with her twin brother, Riley. He and I just don’t have a lot in common.

So, do you and Roxanne have a lot in common or are you opposites of each other?

I would say we have a lot in common. We both feel like outsiders in normal circles. We both laugh at the same jokes … though I haven’t heard her laugh since she came back from that school. I’ve barely seen her smile.

Are you still good friends? If not, do you wish you were?

I’d like to say that we are, but since she came back from the school, she’s been different. It’s like they broke something in her. She doesn’t smile anymore, and she’s gone for long periods of time. I wish I understood, that I could help her … but she’s like a rock when she’s stubborn about something.

Are there any fun misadventures you and Roxanne had that you’d be willing to share?

I used to try to get Roxanne lost in the mountains just outside of town. I’d blindfold her and lead her around, backtracking and taking the obscure paths … but she’d always know exactly the way down once I took the blindfold off. One time I actually got myself lost, and was convinced that we needed to go a different direction to get safely home, but her way got us down … She also had a knack for finding caves and tunnels in obscure places that I could never find again when I went alone.

Thanks for coming, William!

Come back on the fourth for another interview with one of Kendra’s characters!


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