Character Interview– Analyssa

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Today, I’m interviewing Analyssa Stardrana, one of Kendra’s characters from her WIP, Half-Hidden.

Synopsis for Half-Hidden: Jyson has been told that he can marry the princess if he kills thirty dragons and effectively wipes them out of existence. But the dragons and the princess herself have other ideas.

Hello and welcome. Tell me a little about yourself.

Hello, I am Princess Analyssa, daughter of King Harold, and Stardrana, daughter of Queen Blanche, who is part of a secret group called the Hidden. Usually, you can find me in the capitol dressed in a long frilly dress warding off suitors which I am honestly not ready for, despite being twenty-one (The Hidden mature slower than humans), but in my off-days I sneak out my tower window and ride off on dragon-back to Hunt Wyrmen with my band.

How did you become Hidden?

I was born this way. Which actually makes me unique because I’m the only person to have been Hidden my whole life (albeit half-Hidden, and I’m the only one of those, too). Every other Hidden was once a dragon, mighty and strong, but … dragons did not share in the humans’ fall – so they cannot share in their redemption. They cannot die of natural causes, but if they’re slain, whether by the wyrmen or by human hand (something that has become far to common), their scales are burnt away, and they take on a human form that they call the Hidden.

Which is harder, being a Princess or being Hidden?

I would say being a Princess. When I’m with the Hidden, they know both sides of me, they accept both sides of me. They know about my royal life as Princess Analyssa, but when I’m in my father’s house … well … he’s one of the ones who are confused. He thinks it is the dragons that are evil, and believes that it is his mission in life to wipe them out. He doesn’t know of my mother’s former life, only that she doesn’t age, and he doesn’t know that we frequently sneak out of the castle to ride dragons and hunt. He’s a wonderful person, and I love him dearly, as any daughter should, but he doesn’t understand.

Besides Wyrmen are evil, how can one tell the difference between Wyrmen and Dragons?

You know, this is the sad thing about the whole affair, because once you know the difference, you can never mistake one for the other. It is true that they are cousins, for the first Wyrmen were the first offspring of the White Mother and the Earthshaker, the Mother and Father of the dragons, but they were the ones who first listened to the lies of the evil one, and they were the ones who tempted the Mother and Father of the humans. Unlike the humans, they were given no hope of redemption, and as a mark of their curse, they have no wings, some don’t even have legs, and crawling on the earth has dulled their scales.

What’s you’re favorite thing to do?

Fly with Starwater. I am the only dragonrider left in existence, partly because there are so few dragons left (thirty-three is all), and partly because the humans have come to fear them. But I love flying, having all my cares and worries so far below, being one with the wind … I feel sorry for people who have never flown.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

My first Hunt. I was only thirteen, and although I had done plenty of training with Aoril, Thorn, and Flame, and I had hunted plenty of smaller animals, I had never fought a Wyrmen. Unlike a full Hidden, I probably can die, so I was very scared. But once the fight started and the fire started flowing through my veins, I was good. Hunting is now my favorite part of the week.

Is there anything you’re actually afraid of?

My father succeeding in eradicating the dragons. I love my father, I really do, but I just cannot condone his actions.

What’s your greatest ambition?

To find a way to restore the Hidden to their dragon forms. My mother says that I was born for that reason, but I don’t see how I’ll succeed.

 Thanks for coming, Analyssa!

Come back on the second to meet another of Kendra’s characters!


7 thoughts on “Character Interview– Analyssa

  1. Well, this was extremely interesting, especially since I just finished reading a book called Handbook For Dragon Slayers. And there was something about this “wyrmen” in there, too, although it wasn’t quite explained much. Yes, yes, very interesting indeed…

  2. Hello, Analyssa! Nice to meet you. This interview was quite interesting, indeed. Dragons and Hiddens and Half-Hiddens (or the Half-Hidden, since she’s the only one). It’s neat how her dad and her seem to have a good relationship despite his views on dragons (her own people, in a manner of speaking!); how she doesn’t blame him for it, either, though she clearly disagrees.

    the writeress || barefoot in the snow

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