Party Tag

Kendra has been blogging for 5 years and has been published for 3! *flings confetti* Go and check out her blog!

I’m answering the questions from her party tag, today.


1. How long have you been blogging? Six and a half weeks! Such a short time!

2. Which of the books on my WIP list intrigues you the most? Half-Hidden. Because dragons. ‘Nuff said. (For now.)
3. You’re stuck on an island that has no sign of other people. What five items would you like to have with you in this event?Oh my… people don’t count as items do they? No? All right, fine. A pen and two notebooks. My Bible. A flare gun (so I can be rescued).
4. Someone gives you a thousand dollars. What do you do with it? Wow. I thought the last question was hard. Spend a little and save the rest. Something like that. I might also get a new laptop.
5. Is there any book that you wish you had written? (Not because of the money involved, but because you love idea so much you wish it was yours) Not really. Though there are a couple of concepts that I always wish I had thought of. I have never read Harry Potter but I have always thought that the owl postal service and going to school in a castle bits of that were awesome.
6. What is your favorite fairy tale? Rapunzel. I remember being about 5 or 6 years old, sitting in my grandparents’ RV, and while I was coloring, Grandma told me fairytales. I distinctly remember her telling me the story of Rapunzel. And I’ve loved that story ever since.
7. Describe Kendra in seven words. A godly and creative author, also a good blogger. Okay, that was nine words. But there was a need for proper grammar.
8. What is your opinion of popcorn? Yes, please. With lots of butter.
9. How many different crafts can you do? Writing (yes, that’s a craft), knitting, crocheting (a bit), scrapbooking (I haven’t done it in years, though), embroidery, cross-stitch… I’m going to stop there.  So, at least six.
10. How long have you been following my blog and how did you find me? I have been following Kendra’s blog since November 2011. Though I followed sporadically for a long while. I found Kendra through NaNoWriMo. She was one of my first writing buddies. (I believe we met the year she was writing Infiltration for her project.)

Happy Blog-erversay and congratulations on 3 years of being published, Kendra!


17 thoughts on “Party Tag

  1. Only one pen for two notebooks? I usually need two or three pens per notebook…

    Awwww! Your grandmother told you fairytales! That’s so sweet! My grandmothers never told me stories, but one taught me to sew and crochet.

    You could possibly have done: “Godly and creative author; a good blogger.” 🙂

    Yes! Popcorn with lots of butter!

    Oops…I just heard the distinct noise of roughly ten thousand marbles hitting the floor and scattering…have to go see what happened there.

  2. Only 6 1/2 weeks? Somehow, I thought you’d been on here for much longer.

    It seems I’ve had the wrong idea of what a craft is. I never considered sewing, knitting, crocheting, writing as crafts. But I guess they are, aren’t they? (Not that I’m huge on doing any of those but writing. I’m told I’m good at them, tho, and I do like the teach them, except for writing. Ironic much?)

    I should come visit your blog more often! I enjoy reading the content, of course, but also… something about the format intrigues me; I like reading/commenting on this format for some reason. Weirdness.

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