Quick Post

Just a quick post to let you know that I’m alive and I haven’t forgotten about you. There will be awesomeness in the future, I promise.

My blogging friend Kendra E. Ardek is having a blog party. She’s blogging for five years and has been published for three! I will be participating in some character interviews (and maybe a game or two) here in the next week.

Camp NaNo…

Truth is, I made a big mistake right at the beginning of Camp. I don’t think I have ever finished a NaNo anything with the same word count goal I started with. So when I lowered from 30k to 25k right at the beginning, I didn’t think it was a big deal. But it was. Yes, I was just trying to give myself some slack, but instead I created apathy toward Camp.

But not apathy toward the story. Shifting Sands is now almost 4k. Three chapters done. And they are some of the best chapters I’ve ever written (in my humble current opinion). I have learned a lot during the writes and rewrites of this one. I’m thinking about digging into writing mechanics here soon.

Also, I’m also thinking about starting a question day. One a week or every two weeks, I answer five questions. There’s a 55 book questions tag (five at a time = 11 posts) and I was just nominated for a blog award that, coincidently, also asks five questions.

I’m wondering about snippets… seriously considering it, in fact. What do you guys think?


(By the way, I can’t seem to get gifs or Pinterest pictures in my posts easily. Are there any WordPress users who could explain how to do this?)



39 thoughts on “Quick Post

  1. Yay for tag questions! Good luck with those 55 ones. XD They were uber fun, but phewf, there sure is a lot of them, right?!

    (For the pictures…if you save whatever picture you want, you just upload it like you would a normal image. Do you know how to upload images? I’m pretty sure it’s “insert media” and then in there. You can also flick over to “insert url” and then just shove the url of the pic you want. If that makes sense. It probably doesn’t. Same for gifs.)

    • Yep! That’s part of the reason I’m breaking it up into 5 question posts.

      (It wasn’t uploading the other day. I’ll try the insert url, but I realized I can’t do it directly from Pinterest without there being a thing that says it’s from Pinterest. I was just hoping there was an easier, less advertising way. But thanks.) 🙂

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