Ah, Monday… the start of a new work week, the end of the weekend… and a bunch of other things that make Mondays hard on people. I guess it’s just hard to get back into the swing of things when you just took one or two days off (I don’t take days off– writing is funny like that). But even still, Mondays prove to be hard days for me.

I’m usually babysitting five of my siblings while the other two have music lessons about 45 minutes away. And since Mom is already near a few grocery stores, she usually shops on Mondays. Lots of groceries for our family of ten. And during the school year, it’s also often my Monday responsibility to see that the school age children get some select subjects finished.  Usually math.

But lots of awesome things happen on Monday, too.

Blimey Cow’s new Messy Mondays videos happen on Mondays.

The Storymonger has new posts on Mondays (except for the last few weeks. I assume Camp NaNo is to blame, here.)

Sometimes, you get awesome reveals on Mondays. For example, YAvengers just announced their newest Avengers today (I did not apply, by the way. Wanted to, but I didn’t think it would be a good idea because of time and other stuff).

And I was born on a Monday. Which is mostly awesome to me and not so much everyone else, but hey.

Today’s awesomeness? Today, I will be watching Blimey Cow, keeping an eye on the hobbits that reside here, doing some minor chores, trying to sort out German parts of speech, probably not trying hard enough to not get distracted by the internet, and oh, yes, writing! Because I don’t take days off from writing.


8 thoughts on “Mondays

  1. Go Teen Writers word war starts on a Monday…

    I had a pretty icky Monday morning, but it got better as the day went on. And my birthday was on a Monday this year, but I believe I was born on a Wednesday.

  2. Ooh, I haven’t watched a Messy Monday video in a while…

    My thought process when I saw the shout out for new YAvengers people was “I could do that, I have a blog….but I’d have to actually come up with quality content so nah.”

    I believe I was born on a Saturday. The next Monday was Christmas and I spent it in the hospital because I was too small (or something.)

    • That was part of my other thought with the YAvengers getting new members. I have the awesome writing posts only rarely. I think I’ve had… three or four so far and I’ve been blogging for about six weeks. And it’s certainly not something I can do on demand.

      I wasn’t supposed to be born until September. I was a premie.

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