Short, Sweet, To the Point


Going Postal is amazing!

Writing is going well. I’m over 6k now and close to that infamous 30 pages.

I’ve also introduced a character who I did not expect to be so very talkative as she is. And I also seem to have created the equivalent of Scotland in my world. Just from the way the talkative girl talks… she sounds like she’s from Scotland to me.

Claire has been acting like some sort of combination of Vin from Mistborn and Elsa from Frozen. Just a bit though. (No, she does not want to build a sandcastle.)

There may be snippets posted here soon.

Um… made homemade eggrolls this afternoon. Delicious, but very time consuming.

That’s really about it. I need to be getting off to bed.

Good night/morning/platypus to you. DFTBA.


13 thoughts on “Short, Sweet, To the Point

  1. Yayy! Well, talkative characters are usually fun. And sounding like Vin, in my opinion, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I haven’t watched Frozen, though, so I can’t say whether or not one wants to sound like Elsa.

  2. Good platypus to you, too!

    Excellent! Interesting characters galore AND the infamous thirty-page mark! *applauds you* Homemade eggrolls sound nice, too.

  3. Both my protagonists of the two novels I’m doing for camp this year have had their Elsa moments, though for some reason I ended up associating the song “Numb” with Winter… -_- I guess I should try listening to more Heather Dale while writing if I want my novel to be less dark, hmmm.
    I think every female protagonist has her Elsa or Merida moments….

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