You’re a Sand-Wizard, Claire…

(Disclaimer: I’ve never read or watched Harry Potter. But I couldn’t resist the chance to parody a famous line for a title.)

It’s time for Beautiful People, a monthly link-up hosted by The Notebook Sisters and Further Up and Further In. (There is a button for this, but I don’t know how to get it into the post. I’ll figure it out, eventually.) (Update: I figured it out! Obviously. Thanks, Jessy Jones, for explaining how to!)


So, this link-up is basically a character interview so writers can get to know their characters better. I’m feeling pretty confident about my WIP. I’m not scared of losing it. So…

Yep. You guys get a blurb for Shifting Sands and you get to meet my MC, Claire!


Blurb first:

In a world that is plagued by frequent sandstorms, there are people with powers to save everyone from the sands. Claire has just become one of them, a Sand-Wizard. But Claire was born into an inescapable cult that hates the government and despises Sand-Wizards. And the cult leaders have just chosen Claire as their traditional sacrifice. This isn’t an honor, it’s a death sentence– at least in Claire’s mind. She begs for a way out and is offered the choice of assassinating a Sand-Wizard leader instead. She goes undercover to do it. But the man turns out to be someone she can’t bring herself to do in. He’s been nothing but kind to her and has helped her learn to master her sand powers. But if he doesn’t die, she will. And the cult is breathing down her neck as the day for the sacrifice draws closer.

And now for the questions. (Help me out here, Claire. I’ll let you answer these questions in first person, if you want.)

1) What’s their favourite food? (Bonus: favourite flavour of chocolate!) Does ice count? No? Alright, fine. Sherbet. It’s pretty close to ice, at least in temperature, and it gets really hot here  in Kathos. And in the Edges. And pretty much anywhere you go in this desert. As for favorite flavor of chocolate, I’ve only had chocolate once in my whole life. It was in a cake. That was good.
2) What do they absolutely hate? The fact that I have not been allowed to see my parents since I was five. I’m sixteen, now. Such is the life of a novice priestess.
3) What do they enjoy learning about?  I really enjoy learning about being a Sand-Wizard. They’ve always fascinated me and now, I’m one. The power to control sand is amazing.
4) Who is the most influential person in their life? Believe it or not, my parents. I lived with them for the first five years of my life and during that time, they taught me everything they could. They shaped my beliefs, not the Hingutti leaders.
5) What is their childhood fear? Being Chosen to be Intervention has always scared me. Now I’ve had the horrible luck of actually being Chosen. If you want a normal fear, I’ve never liked the idea of scorpions. Or sand-dragons.
6) What is something they have always secretly dreamed of doing, but thought impossible? A lot of this is turning out to be about my life in the cult, isn’t it? I’ve always dreamed of leaving the Hingutti. Me and my parents. But we can’t. The Hingutti would hunt us down and make us examples. The other impossible thing I’ve dreamed of is one day having a family. But Hingutti priestesses are single. That kind of messes everything up.
7) What is something he is impractically afraid of? Thunder. I guess it’s not so much the thunder that scares me as it is the rain. We don’t get much rain here, but when we do, there is always the danger of a flood. I’ve been told there’s never been a flood in Kathos, so I really have nothing to worry about, but when it thunders, I can’t help thinking of flooding. Maybe I’m actually scared of drowning. Drowning in a desert…
8) Are they a night owl or morning person? Morning person. You have to be a morning person when you’re supposed to get up before dawn and clean the Temple. It’s never actually dirty, oddly enough. Probably because we clean it every morning.
9) Do they say everything that pops into their head, or leave a lot unsaid? Ha! Ahem. Sorry. If I said everything that pops into my head, I would be dead. Literally. Though, maybe I am a bit outspoken… You know, I’m not sure. Robyn?

10) What are their nervous habits? I don’t think I have a nervous habit. I’m nervous a lot so who could actually tell if I had one? (Robyn here. Claire blushes at the mention of a certain someone she’s supposed to assassinate. She also starts playing with her hair when she gets really nervous. Just starts twirling it…) I do? (Yes, you do. All of it.)


And that’s Claire! Thank you, Claire, for agreeing to answer these questions. You’ve been most helpful.

I agreed to this?

Yes, you did.

Robyn, does everything work out in the end of my story?

Define “work out”…




52 thoughts on “You’re a Sand-Wizard, Claire…

  1. Awwww! Poor Claire. Sounds like a wonderful story. 🙂 A few things remind me of a certain place where it rains all the time…hmmm. 😉 No assassinations required, however. Well, not exactly.

    Anyhow. I especially like the blurb. Good job.

  2. Hello! Wandering in from the linkup. I believe you were reading my linkup at the same time I was reading yours…I finished reading, then left to do something before commenting here, and when I came back, you’d commented on mine! (And then my sister needed her iPad back so I had to wait a minute to finish.) Anyway, how coincidental is that?

    I enjoyed getting to know Claire! She and the story sound quite interesting. And I loved the answers first person… perhaps ill do that next time. Her picture is absolutely stunning and while reading her answers, I was picturing her talking to me. Very awesome.

    By the way… I don’t have WordPress, but I assume it’s similar to Blogger. To get the button in the post, you’ll go to “Edit HTML” or something like that (where you normal type in your post). Copy the HTML Cait and Skye have posted and paste it into your post (on the “Edit HTML” part). I believe it’s already linked, so that’s all you have to do. Then you can go back to the “rich form” (the normal post box) and move the picture wherever you want it. Hope that helps somewhat 🙂

    • Wow! That is a cool coincidence.

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. (I found the pic on Pinterest some time ago.)

      Okay, thank you! I’ll see if I can do that.

  3. But you wouldn’t be MEAN to your poor little charries would you? Noooo. I’m sure you wouldn’t. I’m sure you’re 100% a good hearted author. ^-^ But it was nice to meet Claire! And the 1st person version was awesome to read. I get to see a little sneak peek at Claire’s voice too. I’m a morning person. *hi fives* Buuut, I don’t have to do any insane cleaning, thank goodness.
    Thanks for linking up with us Robyn!! Sorry you had trouble with the button. 😐 Suppose I should actually explain how to use it, eh?

    • Thanks, Cait! This was lots of fun.
      Of course I’m 100% good hearted! Why else would I take Claire away from her parents, put her into a cult she can’t escape, and then threaten her with death if she doesn’t go kill this guy? Actually, that was the High Priest behind all that. I’m 97% sure that he might be a psychopath or something. I however am a perfect saintly author. *choir vocalizes* xD
      I am most certainly not a morning person. And there are mornings I thoroughly regret it…
      Maybe, but my troubles were mostly the fact that I’m a new blogger. 🙂

  4. And at last we learn more about my sister’s secret identity Claire the reluctant assassin! Sounds like a fun story, with a cool world and magic system.

    Ooh, is that Going Postal I see on your currently reading widget? Sweet!

      • Thanks! Captain Hook is awesome, no?

        Oh, I have a question. I just noticed you have your currently reading Goodreads shelf down below as a gadget. How do you do that? I simply couldn’t figure it out.

        • Yes. Killian is indeed awesome (and not just because he’s hot and Irish).

          Well, WordPress gave me the option of the Goodreads widget. I went to it and I had to fill in my Goodreads ID number. If you go to your profile, it’s up in the website address of that page and it’s just the number part they wanted. Then I selected my currently reading list and boom! Did that make sense?
          If this doesn’t work, I have a friend who uses blogger and she has a Goodreads widget. We can ask her. 🙂

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