Teeny Update Because Camp

I’m just going to jump right into this.

1. I am past my insecurities of Shifting Sands! (Yay!)

2. I am about 2k behind in Camp. If I can write 1.5 k for the next two days or just 2k today, I’ll be back on track.

3. My solution to number 1 was in a way to start over. BUT not the way you think. I am still doing Camp in my notebook with the same draft that stinks. But I am rewriting it into Scrivener, fixing the problems I had (yes, both at the same time) (yes, I am crazy).

4. My other solution to number 1 is kind of strange. Basically, I don’t know what I did to fix my problems. It involved listening to some specific episodes of Writing Excuses about how competent, sympathetic, and proactive a character is and then restarting Shifting Sands accordingly and adjusting the micro-edit-y stuff so I was happy with it.

5. I may be a bit of a perfectionist…

6. I am seriously thinking about linking up with Beautiful People this month.

7. Which means you will be getting to hear about Shifting Sands and my MC, Claire.

8. This update is starting to look like a Liebster Award’s 11 facts…

9.  I give you a new music link today (this is starting to become a thing, isn’t it?): CyberHymnal. You can listen to several different hymns on this site. (Update: This site is for some reason not working for me. I don’t know if the problem is throughout all of cyberspace or not. Sorry if it doesn’t work.)

10. I think I am obviously procrastinating at this point…

11. Time to go write.



8 thoughts on “Teeny Update Because Camp

  1. Yay! 2k isn’t bad – I was 4k behind on Friday morning, and as of an hour ago, I’m back on track!
    That’s good you like your story again. It’s always easier to write when you’re liking what you’re writing.
    And definitely do Beautiful People! I’m doing it with my second MC, who is currently called B Dolfin. I don’t know why I picked B, but he will have a real first name by the time he gets featured. 🙂

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