Short and Sweet

I have no idea what to post. So… we’ll just kind of go with whatever I’m thinking and see if that works.

Let’s start with a catchy song that I was recently introduced to. That’s right, folks! If you loved Chicken on a Raft (or hated it), you’ll love me for this (possibly sarcastically). (By the way, small warning for language during one of the verses and during the part that’s not actually the song.)

Fun song, yes? Moving on, if you don’t hate me, now…

Due to enlightening discussions with a beta-reader and my mother, I will be restarting Shifting Sands again. Mostly to see if I can nail a good beginning. One day I’ll update my word count meter. But it is not this day! (Bonus points for you if you understood that reference.)

And… it is time for me to make dinner. I leave you with this picture from Pinterest to ponder:





6 thoughts on “Short and Sweet


    And yes, I totally needed a reminder of that song to get stuck in my head. Honestly, I ran around the house singing it a few weeks ago just to annoying the living daylights out of Mime. I’d sneak up to her and then just start yelling CHICKEN ON A RAFT HEY HOOOO in her ear and I have no idea why she started beating me with a pillow. No idea at all.

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