Twice Baked

Guess what. I have actually been nominated for a Liebster. And I accepted.

So! Liebster number 2! This one is from Sophia@.Ravens and Writing Desks. Thank you, Sophia!

Here are the rules:
Thank and link back to the person who nominated you. (See above.)
List 11 facts about yourself.
Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
Nominate 9 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers.
Ask them 11 questions.
Let them know about the nomination.

Le Facts:

1. I really have no idea where to start with this.

2. Two is a really nice number, how it curves and then has an angle and then is a nice straight line.

3. My favorite number to write is seven.

4. I have the tendency to think I can read four books at once. It never works.

5. I’m doing Camp NaNo next month!

6. I will be working on my WIP Shifting Sands

7. My birthday is August 19.

8. I’ve started making a mental wish list.

9. I have seen the entire 6 hours of the 1995 Pride and Prejudice

10. I think that some brilliant filmmaker should make a P&P version about pirates.

11. I am not a brilliant filmmaker (just so we’re clear).

Sophia’s Questions:

1. What color describes you and why? Um… Blue. Brilliant tropical blue, that is playful and sweet at the same time.

2. What is your favorite writing utensil? Black Papermate pens with no grippers (I’ve become very specific about this). I also love my fountain pen.

3. Do you take notes when you read? Not unless I’m beta-reading.

4. What color are your socks right now? I’m barefoot right now.

5. Would you rather go zip lining or scuba diving? Scuba diving. I have a terrible fear of heights.

6. What’s your opinion on owls? I like owls. They’re mysterious and wise and nocturnal.

7. Do you wrap presents in wrapping paper or in gift bags with tissue? Paper is more fun, but bags and tissue are fine.

8. What is your favorite reading spot? My bed. Or the edge of the sofa so I can lean against or on the armrest.

9. What does your handwriting look like? My handwriting has been odd the last few months. I used to write print most of the time but then I became pen pals with someone and used cursive for the letters I sent. Now I write both and sometimes switch between them in the middle of what I’m writing.

The summer reading list I made (my cursive in fountain pen).
The summer reading list I made (my cursive in fountain pen).


My print with black Papermate.
My print with black Papermate.


10. Would you rather be able to read any books you liked – but no rereads – or only read the works of one author of your choice? If you pick the latter – which author? The former. I really don’t think I could stand reading everything by just one person.

11. Staples or paperclips? Or folded-over corners? Staples.

Le Victims of Nomination… May the odds be in your favor…

1.Treskie@Occasional Randomness

2. Kiri Liz@ Lianne Taimenlore

3. Jack @However Improbable

4. Lily@ Lily’s notes in the Margins

5.Kendra@ Knitted by God’s Plan

6. Anne-girl@ Scribblings of my Pen and Tappings of my Keyboard

7. Rachel@ The Inkpen Authoress

8. Shim@ Magic and Writing

9. There is no ninth person. Sorry. SO! In making up for that, I name Liam an honorary recipient of this award (he’d be nominated if it weren’t for the small, teensy fact that his has over 10 times the limited amount of followers for this award– seriously, this guy has an awesome blog and is just 5 followers shy of 2, 500! If you don’t already follow him, please do so!)

My Questions:

1. Do you prefer Winter or Summer?

2. What is your favorite section of the bookstore?

3. What is the most interesting non-fiction book you’ve read?

4. What is the best writing prompt you’ve ever used?

5. The farthest you’ve ever been from home (you don’t have to say where you live)?

6.  What do you do to keep yourself from being bored on long car trips?

7. If you could go back in time, what time would you visit and why?

8. On that note, would you consider yourself a Whovian? If so, favorite episode of Doctor Who?

9. Favorite board game? Least favorite?

10. What is the longest book you’ve ever read and about how many pages long was it?

11. Which famous author (living or dead) would you want to read your books and give you feedback?

(If anyone wants to answer any or all of these questions in the comments, they are more than welcome to.)

Now! I suppose I ought to go tell all the nominees…



14 thoughts on “Twice Baked

  1. Thanks for the nomination. As you already know, I’m not currently accepting awards, but thanks anyway. I will, however, answer your fourth question, considering it’s the only one I have a good answer for: for my first completed novel Wise, I used the YWP Dare Machine’s prompt “Have your character inherit twin llamas named Zap and Zoom.” Ah, the days of good dares.

    Thanks again!

    • Yes, I do know. I wasn’t really expecting you to accept it. You’re welcome. And thanks for answering that one question (though I have to admit, I was hoping you’d answer number 11, too. Oh, well.).
      I miss the days of good dares, too…

      • Question eleven? I’m not really big on feedback. I’m glad for it when it comes, but honestly, I could do without most of it. (Which is why you’re special, because you give good feedback.)

        • (I’m going to outright admit that I have no idea how to reply to this. “Thank you” doesn’t seem like enough. But I’d like to remind you that you’re the one who taught me how to give good feedback and gave me specific instructions for how to do it for your stories.)

  2. August 19th. I’m remembering that. I WILL REMEMBER IT.

    –Oookay moving on.

    The blue background looks about that color… 😉 It’s my favorite too, and I agree that it probably describes me as well.

    My favorite writing utensil–gel pens. Or any pen that the ink flows rather freely.

    I have bare feet, too. And I went ziplining this week and it really wasn’t bad. I guess it depends on the zipline, but usually I don’t like heights either. Try it sometime. (I think I’d get all panicky if I went scuba diving…I don’t know why…)

    Paperclips all the way…or rather, it depends. Do I want to be able to move the papers around? If not, staples.

    Er…Florida winter over Florida summer, but otherwise, I’m not sure. I’ve never really had WINTER (in all capitals. I’ve had “winter” but not “WINTER.”)

    Farthest I’ve been from home is China, but as I was four I don’t really remember much. Keeping myself from being bored? Well, I had experience with that this week…mostly it consists of talking to people, staring out the window, reading, maybe even a little writing…this Saturday it consisted of talking to the twelve-year-old and almost-eleven-year-old sitting next to me about my books. That…was interesting.

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