Stuff to Do

The parents have gone out and left me in charge of three small hobbits. The smallest hobbit found a small bug and squealed with delight, saying “It’s a weasel!” I assume she was thinking of weevil.

Anyway. Today’s plans involve cleaning up the wood floor area, making pizza, and watching The Lego Movie. Oh! And starting the new version of Shifting Sands. I finished the outline yesterday. Now I’ll I’ve got to do is write.

I’m pretty confident with my outline. Except for the final battle. I’m not exactly sure what happens during the final battle. But that’s one of those things that I think I can leave alone until I get some of the book written.

My hobbits have more theoretical discussions than a group of philosophers… It happens almost every meal. They start off talking about one thing and then someone says “But if…” and argues their point. Actually, I don’t think “discussion” does it justice. “Debate” is probably a closer word. I find it prudent to stay out of these far-fetched arguments. If I try to debate on the practical side, I find myself wondering “Am I really arguing about ninjas?”

All right. Coffee is gone. Time to get to work.



47 thoughts on “Stuff to Do

  1. Oh my, yes. Our lunch-time debates can get rather…heated. They’re wonderfully entertaining when you take a step back and just listen, though.

    Hooray for finishing the outline! I’ve decided I’m probably at the point with Chords (er…that’s what I call my WIP for short) where I need some kind of plan. I found that out yesterday trying your advice with the four things to happen next. So I’m taking a break from writing for a few days or however long this takes to get something in place.

  2. Yay for finishing outlines! *cheers* *eats chocolate in celebration*

    I wish my siblings were like that. Instead, they argue over some of the most ridiculous things ever. Like a seat at the kitchen table. And there’s not even anything special about that seat! It’s exactly like all of the other seats!! And then they’ll argue over who grabbed the biggest cookie (or other treat), insisting that the person who did is greedy and selfish, but if that sibling hadn’t grabbed it, then the one saying they’re selfish would have grabbed it instead! *facepalm*

  3. You call your siblings hobbits?! THAT IS THE BEST. I call my niece/nephew lots of things including Evil Overloards, Minions, and Wee Freaks, but not hobbits…I feel like I out to change that. XD

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