Life Hands Me… Tea?

You know that egg, English muffin, cheese, butter sandwich I spoke of in the Leibster? I’m eating one now. (I don’t recommend eating it while typing, by the way. Grease everywhere.)

Life handed me lemon-flavored sweet tea, today (it’s really just regular Crystal Light sweet tea, but I could almost swear there’s a hint of lemon in it). Life isn’t bad at all, right now. I’m basically saying that life has thrown me a few hurdles to jump over.

For instance, three of my sisters (ages 13, 12, and 10) left today for a week of church camp. That’s great and I’m happy for them. I just have extra chores this week. But I’m happy for them. I loved camp when I was their age and I’m glad they get to go. I don’t mind picking up slack for a few days.

Also, there’s the problems I’ve been having with Shifting Sands. Don’t tell anyone. I may have to outline. In fact, I’m seriously considering it.

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone have any outlining tips?



26 thoughts on “Life Hands Me… Tea?

  1. Ooooh…yes, eating while typing is generally not a good idea. Neither is typing while drying dishes (I tried that recently).

    I have camp next week for the first time, so that’ll be interesting. It’ll be my first time in Western North Carolina, too…

    Outlining? You probably already know what I do with that, but when I outline I tend to do basic plot points. Nothing super specific. More like “so and so has such and such experience and that changes such and such.”

  2. Okay firstly, it’s UNFAIR and MEAN of you to start a post describing something so delicious and brilliant sounding and ohhhh *mops drool off computer* I protest. But can I have some?
    Also: outlining. HA. I think outlining is a brilliant idea but I have yet to ever get my act together to do it again. I used to outline my books to the chapter, but now I just fly free and land with a splat. Super graceful.

    • Sorry. *offers breakfast foods to Cait*

      It’s that splat I’m trying to avoid. Like the difference between falling from a billion feet up and tumbling out of bed. Except for the splat at the end, they’re very similar.

  3. I can’t believe I didn’t actually follow you when you gave me this link before. How base of me.

    Cait is right. That food sounds good. As for outlining… It’s difficult. It’s always difficult to plan that far ahead when you haven’t built any sort of foundation. But list the characters you have floating around in your head and who they are, then make sure to introduce them all in the first few scenes of your outline. Then roughly sketch the choice, midpoint, low point, and ending of the book. Then ask yourself what needs to happen in order to get from the beginning to the choice, from the choice to the midpoint, and so on until the end. You’ll have an outline. If it seems too stretched, add another character, or decide one scene will be two. Make sure you can imagine each scene vividly, however, with emotion– anything that needs to happen that doesn’t seem vivid probably will seem boring and perfunctory when you have to write it. Make sure you’re excited.

    Hope it helps. That’s how I’ve been outlining recently. Howard Tayler’s outlining method, as I think you’ve heard, is to write out the story as if it’s a ten-year-old describing a movie. “And then this happened… and that guy punched him… and everything blew up!” Have fun with it. There’s no one way to outline anything.

  4. I was going to comment on this, but then I had to do something else…and completely forgot I didn’t actually comment! D:

    Now I’m really hungry. Maybe I’ll eat that for breakfast…

    I wish I had some good outlining tips, but as of this moment, I don’t really. I’m still exploring (I almost typed exploding…oops) it. Looks like you did get some good ones, though!

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