Bored! *shoots wall with pistol*

I’ve realized something.

You see, I was trying to write Shifting Sands as a novel with two POVs about two people (one male, one female) living in odd and not so great societies. This wasn’t going to be a revolution story. I didn’t want them to overthrow the government and this cult. They may think it’s not right or great, but they aren’t planning to overthrow it.

The two characters are on almost opposite sides of the scale, almost antagonists. I was going to have their stories intertwine. Until I realized that I didn’t really like writing my male MC’s POV. His story is less interesting than hers. It’s almost boring even.

When I realized that I was bored, I tried to remember the awesome moments I have planned for this character. To my shock, I realized that I have no exciting plans for him. Not very exciting, anyway.

I may be deleting the partial first chapter I have and rewriting the whole thing from Claire’s POV. I don’t want to do anything hasty, though. I’m letting this simmer in my mind until after I’ve slept.

Of course, doing that may shove the novel into the romance genre. I don’t know.

I’m done thinking for tonight. I’m just finding more and more plot holes.

I’m going to watch something on Netflix.




14 thoughts on “Bored! *shoots wall with pistol*

  1. I did something similar with one of my novels… I had three groups of characters, and I realized that I was bored with two of them, and I really only wanted to write one. But I was half way into the story already, so I’m not sure if I’m going to make myself write the other characters anyway, and then maybe try to make them more interesting in the second draft, or if I’ll pull them out entirely.

  2. I hear ya! I haven’t quite ever axed someone, but I’ve reworked whole POVs because I realised I was bored. They were necessary, but not interesting, and who the heck wants to read that, then?!!
    I don’t have netflex, but I have a version of it and, ohhhh, I need to NOT go there and just get some writing done. -_-

  3. Ooooh. I’ve only tried writing two *planned* POVs once, and it worked fine. But in my current WIP, I was kind of stuck and wondering where to go next when all of a sudden I decided to try the other main-ish character’s POV. It worked great, but this was a little odd since chapters 1-5 are one person, 6 this new one, and 7-9 are the first again. So now I have to use the other character again sometime, otherwise it’ll just be weird. The question is where…Huh.

    Also, I have a character in this story named Claire. Secondary character though.

  4. This happened with my NaNovel last November! I had two POVs (actually, one in 1st person and one in 3rd – really weird) in two separate story lines and they were supposed to connect at some point. Well, they never did. I realized that one story line (the one in 3rd person) was utterly useless and am going to discard it, and just work on expanding the 1st person one.

    Good luck!

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