So. As some of you may know, I was in Gulf Shores, Alabama last week, enjoying sand, surf, and sun. We left Alabama Sunday morning.

I just found out that the beach next to us was closed down on Friday. Because of sharks:

Yes, I know that more people are killed by dogs than sharks and that there’s this thing about fish being friends, but that was still a bit creepy and the sharks in Finding Nemo were Australian (and since I’m human, I don’t think I qualify for “Fish are friends, not food).

So. What kind of excitement have you guys been up to?




5 thoughts on “SHARK BAIT!

  1. Sharks, eek! That’d be freaky.

    Excitement I’ve been up to… well, I’ve been sick for a week. That’s exciting. My sister, mom, and I went to a fiber retreat where my mom taught a color theory and a dye class. That’s ’bout it.

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