Hello, world-wide web! I am Robyn Hoode! Welcome to my blog, Spiral-Bound! Please, make yourselves at home! I made cake!

I have been waiting for this a long time. This blog is a big thing for me. A big and exciting thing. I wanted to say something inspiring or genius in this first post, but I couldn’t think of anything. (Was saying I baked cake inspiring or genius enough?) All I can say is I hope you enjoy this blog and you guys are awesome. We’re going to have a lot of fun in the future of Spiral-Bound.


46 thoughts on “IT’S A… BLOG!

  1. *gobbles all the cake* YAY YOU HAVE A BLOG. LOOK AT THIS AWESOMENESS. GO ROBYN! GO ROBYN!! (Although now I know your name is Katherine. Heh. All these little things you find out. x) I will be following DIRECTLY…probably on bloglovin’ though since that’s how I read blogs. But, eeeeeh! YOU HAVE A BLOG. Can’t wait to see what’s in store.

  2. Tempest: Hello, Miss Amanda. I’m afraid I can’t stay long. That was a most invigorating game of Catch the Birds and I am rather worn out. Good evening. *walks into another room*

    Robyn: *shakes head and nibbles cookie*

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